Package: isi Version: 1.4.5 Priority: extra Section: unknown Maintainer: Sandro Dentella Depends: acl, at, db4.2-util, libcrack2 | cracklib2, libnet-ldap-perl, libnss-ldap, libpam-ldap, migrationtools, procinfo, python-dry, python-isi (>= 0.5.9), python-ldap, python-urwid, quota, reiserfsprogs, samba, slapd, smbldap-tools, tofrodos, win-perl, xfsprogs Conflicts: isi-ldap3, isi-ldap3-def, isi-logon, isi-perl Replaces: isi-ldap3, isi-ldap3-def, isi-logon, isi-perl Architecture: i386 Filename: dists/etch/isi/binary-i386/isi_1.4.5_i386.deb Size: 136402 Installed-Size: 572 MD5sum: 55a77d47c39ab28317ef2863653d60ab Description: all you need to setup and manage a pdc samba+ldap at school Package: isi-checkup Version: 0.6.8 Priority: extra Section: unknown Maintainer: Alessandro Dentella Depends: python-dry, python-isi Architecture: all Filename: dists/etch/isi/binary-i386/isi-checkup_0.6.8_all.deb Size: 30952 Installed-Size: 488 MD5sum: 219f4eaf724c81846a7e51dc42d9a1ad Description: suite di checkup per un sistema ReteIsi il sistema fornisce una struttura per potere gestire una serie di test per fare un checkup al sistema Package: isi-dglog Version: 0.2 Priority: extra Section: unknown Maintainer: Alessandro Dentella Architecture: i386 Filename: dists/etch/isi/binary-i386/isi-dglog_0.2_i386.deb Size: 10228 Installed-Size: 52 MD5sum: 691575075d783ef18a6750c6b319af2e Description: Analizzatore di file di log si squid questa script (dansguardian log analizer) legge i file di log di squid, decodifica i log e li mostra in una pagina html Package: isi-ldap3 Version: 0.9.103 Priority: optional Section: extra Maintainer: sandro dentella Depends: acl, at, db4.2-util, debconf, isi-perl, libnet-ldap-perl, libnss-ldap, libpam-ldap, makepasswd, migrationtools, python-dry, python-ldap, python-urwid, samba (>= 3.0.14a-1), slapd, smbldap-tools, sysutils Architecture: all Filename: dists/etch/isi/binary-i386/isi-ldap3_0.9.103_all.deb Size: 160560 Installed-Size: 836 MD5sum: 7880b0abc2a1abdf87b7db40fd6d8a73 Description: setup package to samba3 PDC + ldap This package should help setting up a package with all necessary things to get a working samba3 box, acting as a PDC, with LDAP authentication Package: isi-setup Version: 0.3.12 Priority: extra Section: unknown Maintainer: Sandro Dentella Architecture: i386 Filename: dists/etch/isi/binary-i386/isi-setup_0.3.12_i386.deb Size: 21452 Installed-Size: 112 MD5sum: 5b7d5a1100dcc67987dbec456dba6ac8 Description: install a complete server reteisi Package: netkit Version: 2.6-1 Priority: extra Section: network Maintainer: Sandro Dentella Depends: coreutils, findutils, gawk | mawk | original-awk, grep, lsof, netkit-kernel, procps, util-linux, xterm | gnome-terminal | konsole Architecture: all Filename: dists/etch/isi/binary-i386/netkit_2.6-1_all.deb Size: 1917622 Installed-Size: 4196 MD5sum: 7adc75555c1d607f98f452e0f1bdf846 Description: environment to emulate complex network configurations Netkit is a self-contained environment that makes it easy and costless to emulate complex network configurations on a single host machine. The idea underlying Netkit is that each network device is implemented by a virtual machine running the appropriate software. Virtual machines can then be interconnected as desired by configuring virtual collision domains. . Interconnected machines may be organized to form a laboratory (lab), which can be used to emulate the behavior of a particular service or protocol (e.g., DNS). The configuration of the lab can be saved to ease its distribution and replication. . Netkit, in itself, is an open source project aiming at integrating different other open source products. See the THANKS section for a brief list of the software resources integrated into Netkit. . The project was born (and is still carried on) with the main purpose of supporting teaching of networking subjects with realistic experiences. Package: python-isi Version: 0.6.5 Priority: extra Section: unknown Maintainer: Alessandro Dentella Depends: python-ldap, python-pexpect Provides: python2.4-isi Architecture: all Filename: dists/etch/isi/binary-i386/python-isi_0.6.5_all.deb Size: 20412 Installed-Size: 116 MD5sum: 6ba8ee68c9aa5ff094b6584b0e8a3158 Description: python modules for isi project Questa versione dipende da python 2.4 o successivi python-version: 2.4, 2.5