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TWiki Documentation Graphics and Filetype icons

This is the TWiki icon library. The graphics can be used in topics and by web applications.


Default notation:

%ICON{help}% results in:

Note that ICON{} assumes a GIF image of 16 x 16 pixels. Use a HTML img tag with %ICONURL{}% for image with other sizes. See the tables below for copy-paste examples.

Other usage: see below.


Document icons

  File Name Description Write...
book.gif Book %ICON{book}%
bubble.gif Speech bubble %ICON{bubble}%
days.gif Days, Calendar %ICON{days}%
download.gif Download %ICON{download}%
filter.gif Filter %ICON{filter}%
gear.gif Gear %ICON{gear}%
globe.gif Globe %ICON{globe}%
hand.gif Pointing hand %ICON{hand}%
help.gif Help %H%, %ICON{help}%
Information info.gif Info %ICON{info}%
hourglass.gif Hour glass (clock) %ICON{hourglass}%
more.gif Read more %ICON{more}%
more-small.gif Read more, 13x13 <img src="%ICONURL{more-small}%" width="13" height="13" alt="Read more" border="0" />
move.gif Move %ICON{move}%
note.gif Note %ICON{note}%
parked.gif Parked %ICON{parked}%
pencil.gif Pencil / Refactor / Edit %P%, %ICON{pencil}%
puzzle.gif Puzzle %ICON{puzzle}%
question.gif Question %ICON{question}%
rfc.gif Request for comments %ICON{rfc}%
sort.gif Sort %ICON{sort}%
stargold.gif Gold star, favorites %ICON{stargold}%
Red star, highlight starred.gif Red star, highlight %S%, %ICON{starred}%
stop.gif Stop %ICON{stop}%
target.gif Target %ICON{target}%
Tip, idea tip.gif Tip, idea %T%, %ICON{tip}%
Warning, important warning.gif Warning, important %X%, %ICON{warning}%
watch.gif Watch %ICON{watch}%
wip.gif Work in progress, under construction %ICON{wip}%
Wrench, tools wrench.gif Wrench, tools %ICON{wrench}%

Topic, file, folder icons

  File Name Description Write...
viewtopic.gif View topic %ICON{viewtopic}%
printtopic.gif Print topic %ICON{printtopic}%
refreshtopic.gif Refresh topic %ICON{refreshtopic}%
newtopic.gif New topic %ICON{newtopic}%
edittopic.gif Edit topic %ICON{edittopic}%
save.gif Save %ICON{save}%
attachfile.gif Attach file %ICON{attachfile}%
download.gif Download %ICON{download}%
trash.gif Trash %ICON{trash}%
Search topic searchtopic.gif Search topic %ICON{searchtopic}%
search-small.gif Small search button, 13x13 <img src="%ICONURL{search-small}%" width="13" height="13" alt="Search" border="0" />
topicbacklinks.gif Topic back-links %ICON{topicbacklinks}%
topicdiffs.gif Topic difference %ICON{topicdiffs}%
Statistics statistics.gif Statistics %ICON{statistics}%
Index index.gif Index %ICON{index}%
indexlist.gif Index list %ICON{indexlist}%
cachetopic.gif Cache topic %ICON{cachetopic}%
folder.gif Folder %ICON{folder}%

person Person, group group, access icons

  File Name Description Write...
Person person.gif Person %ICON{person}%
persons.gif Persons %ICON{persons}%
Group group.gif Group %ICON{group}%
building.gif Building %ICON{building}%
buildings.gif Buildings %ICON{buildings}%
logout.gif Log out %ICON{logout}%
key.gif Key %ICON{key}%
lock.gif Lock %ICON{lock}%
locktopic.gif Locked topic %ICON{locktopic}%
locktopicgray.gif Locked topic, gray %ICON{locktopicgray}%
lockfolder.gif Locked folder %ICON{lockfolder}%
lockfoldergray.gif Locked folder, gray %ICON{lockfoldergray}%

changes Changes, notify notification icons

  File Name Description Write...
Changes changes.gif Changes %ICON{changes}%
changes-small.gif Changes (small), 13x13 <img src="%ICONURL{changes-small}%" width="13" height="13" alt="Changes" border="0" />
recentchanges.gif Recent changes %ICON{recentchanges}%
mail.gif Mail %ICON{mail}%
Notify notify.gif Notify %ICON{notify}%
rss-feed.gif RSS feed, 36x14 <img src="%ICONURL{rss-feed}%" width="36" height="14" alt="RSS feed" border="0" />
rss-small.gif RSS feed %ICON{rss-small}%
xml-feed.gif XML feed, 36x14 <img src="%ICONURL{xml-feed}%" width="36" height="13" alt="XML feed" border="0" />
xml-small.gif XML feed %ICON{xml-small}%

Status, flag, LED, tag icons

  File Name Description Write...
NEW new.gif NEW, 30x16 %N%, <img src="%ICONURL{new}%" width="30" height="16" alt="New" border="0" />
todo.gif TODO, 37x16 <img src="%ICONURL{todo}%" width="37" height="16" alt="TODO" border="0" />
updated.gif UPDATED, 55x16 %U%, <img src="%ICONURL{updated}%" width="55" height="16" alt="UPDATED" border="0" />
done.gif DONE, 37x16 <img src="%ICONURL{done}%" width="37" height="16" alt="Done" border="0" />
closed.gif CLOSED, 48x16 <img src="%ICONURL{closed}%" width="48" height="16" alt="Closed" border="0" />
minus.gif Minus %ICON{minus}%
plus.gif Plus %ICON{plus}%
choice-cancel.gif Cancel %ICON{choice-cancel}%
choice-no.gif No %ICON{choice-no}%
choice-yes.gif Yes / Done %Y%, %ICON{choice-yes}%
unchecked.gif Unchecked checkbox %ICON{unchecked}%
checked.gif Checked checkbox %ICON{checked}%
flag.gif Flag %ICON{flag}%
flag-gray.gif Gray flag %ICON{flag-gray}%
flag-gray-small.gif Small gray flag, 13x13 <img src="%ICONURL{flag-gray-small}%" width="13" height="13" alt="Flag" border="0" />
led-aqua.gif Aqua led %ICON{led-aqua}%
led-blue.gif Blue led %ICON{led-blue}%
led-gray.gif Gray led %ICON{led-gray}%
led-green.gif Green led %ICON{led-green}%
led-orange.gif Orange led %ICON{led-orange}%
led-purple.gif Purple led %ICON{led-purple}%
led-red.gif Red led %ICON{led-red}%
led-yellow.gif Yellow led %ICON{led-yellow}%
led-box-aqua.gif Aqua led %ICON{led-box-aqua}%
led-box-blue.gif Blue led %ICON{led-box-blue}%
led-box-gray.gif Gray led %ICON{led-box-gray}%
led-box-green.gif Green led %ICON{led-box-green}%
led-box-orange.gif Orange led %ICON{led-box-orange}%
led-box-purple.gif Purple led %ICON{led-box-purple}%
led-box-red.gif Red led %ICON{led-box-red}%
led-box-yellow.gif Yellow led %ICON{led-box-yellow}%
tag.gif Tag %ICON{tag}%
tag-blue.gif Blue tag %ICON{tag-blue}%
tag-brown.gif Brown tag %ICON{tag-brown}%
tag-green.gif Green tag %ICON{tag-green}%
tag-magenta.gif Magenta tag %ICON{tag-magenta}%
tag-orange.gif Orange tag %ICON{tag-orange}%
tag-purple.gif Purple tag %ICON{tag-purple}%
tag-red.gif Red tag %ICON{tag-red}%
tag-yellow.gif Yellow tag %ICON{tag-yellow}%

home Navigation icons

  File Name Description Write...
Home home.gif Home %ICON{home}%
external.gif External site %ICON{external}%
arrowdot.gif Meet here (arrows to red dot) %ICON{arrowdot}%
left.gif Left %ICON{left}%
right.gif Right %ICON{right}%
up.gif Up %ICON{up}%
down.gif Down %ICON{down}%
arrowbleft.gif Arrow blue left %ICON{arrowbleft}%
Arrow blue right arrowbright.gif Arrow blue right %ICON{arrowbright}%
arrowbup.gif Arrow blue up %ICON{arrowbup}%
arrowbdown.gif Arrow blue down %ICON{arrowbdown}%
arrowleft.gif Arrow left %ICON{arrowleft}%
arrowright.gif Arrow right %M%, %ICON{arrowright}%
arrowup.gif Arrow up %ICON{arrowup}%
arrowdown.gif Arrow down %ICON{arrowdown}%
go_start.gif Go to start %ICON{go_start}%
go_fb.gif Go fast back %ICON{go_fb}%
go_back.gif Go back %ICON{go_back}%
go_forward.gif Go forward %ICON{go_forward}%
go_ff.gif Go fast forward %ICON{go_ff}%
go_end.gif Go to end %ICON{go_end}%

Interface icons

  File Name Description Write...
monospace.gif Monospace %ICON{monospace}%
proportional.gif Proportional %ICON{proportional}%
Sort table tablesortdiamond.gif Sort table %ICON{tablesortdiamond}%
Sort table descending tablesortdown.gif Sort table descending %ICON{tablesortdown}%
Sort table ascending tablesortup.gif Sort table ascending %ICON{tablesortup}%
toggleopen.gif Open toggle, Twisty open toggle %ICON{toggleopen}%
toggleclose.gif Close toggle, Twisty close toggle %ICON{toggleclose}%
toggleopen-small.gif Open toggle, Twisty open toggle %ICON{toggleopen-small}%
toggleclose-small.gif Close toggle, Twisty close toggle %ICON{toggleclose-small}%
toggleopen-mini.gif Open toggle, Twisty open toggle <img src="%ICONURL{toggleopen-mini}%" width="7" height="9" alt="Open" border="0" />
toggleclose-mini.gif Close toggle, Twisty close toggle <img src="%ICONURL{toggleclose-mini}%" width="7" height="9" alt="Close" border="0" />
toggleopenleft.gif Open toggle, Twisty open toggle %ICON{toggleopenleft}%
toggleopenleft-small.gif Open toggle, Twisty open toggle %ICON{toggleopenleft-small}%
Web web-bg.gif Web background, used in WebLeftBarWebsList %ICON{web-bg}%
web-bg-small.gif Web background, 13x13 <img src="%ICONURL{web-bg-small}%" width="13" height="13" alt="Web" border="0" />

twiki TWiki icons

  File Name Description Write...
addon.gif Add-on %ICON{addon}%
application.gif Application %ICON{application}%
code.gif Code %ICON{code}%
package.gif Package %ICON{package}%
plugin.gif Plugin %ICON{plugin}%
tag.gif Tag %ICON{tag}%
searchpackage.gif Search package %ICON{searchpackage}%
searchtag.gif Search tag %ICON{searchtag}%
skin.gif Skin %ICON{skin}%
TWiki twiki.gif TWiki logo %ICON{twiki}%

Block graphics

  File Name Description Write...
line_ld.gif Line graph left-down %ICON{line_ld}%
line_lr.gif Line graph left-right %ICON{line_lr}%
line_lrd.gif Line graph left-right-down %ICON{line_lrd}%
line_rd.gif Line graph right-down %ICON{line_rd}%
line_ud.gif Line graph up-down %ICON{line_ud}%
line_udl.gif Line graph up-down-left %ICON{line_udl}%
line_udlr.gif Line graph up-down-left-right %ICON{line_udlr}%
line_udr.gif Line graph up-down-right %ICON{line_udr}%
line_ul.gif Line graph up-left %ICON{line_ul}%
line_ulr.gif Line graph up-left-right %ICON{line_ulr}%
line_ur.gif Line graph up-right %ICON{line_ur}%
dot_ld.gif Dot graph left-down %ICON{dot_ld}%
dot_lr.gif Dot graph left-right %ICON{dot_lr}%
dot_lrd.gif Dot graph left-right-down %ICON{dot_lrd}%
dot_rd.gif Dot graph right-down %ICON{dot_rd}%
dot_ud.gif Dot graph up-down %ICON{dot_ud}%
dot_udl.gif Dot graph up-down-left %ICON{dot_udl}%
dot_udlr.gif Dot graph up-down-left-right %ICON{dot_udlr}%
dot_udr.gif Dot graph up-down-right %ICON{dot_udr}%
dot_ul.gif Dot graph up-left %ICON{dot_ul}%
dot_ulr.gif Dot graph up-left-right %ICON{dot_ulr}%
dot_ur.gif Dot graph up-right %ICON{dot_ur}%
empty.gif Empty transparent 16x16 spacer %ICON{empty}%

gif Filetype icons

Filetype icons are used by the attachment table and are seldom used in topics. Write %ICON{pdf}% to show the icon.

  File Name Name Write...
as.gif ActionScript %ICON{as}%
bat.gif MS-DOS batch file %ICON{bat}%
bmp.gif Bitmap %ICON{bmp}%
c.gif C source code file %ICON{c}%
dll.gif Dynamic Linked Library; Microsoft application file %ICON{dll}%
doc.gif Microsoft Word file %ICON{doc}%
else.gif Unknown file format %ICON{else}%
eml.gif Microsoft Outlook e-mail file %ICON{eml}%
exe.gif Microsoft Executable file %ICON{exe}%
fla.gif Macromedia Flash Movie %ICON{fla}%
fon.gif Windows bitmapped font file %ICON{fon}%
gif gif.gif GIF %ICON{gif}%
h.gif Header file %ICON{h}%
hlp.gif Standard help file %ICON{hlp}%
html.gif HTML %ICON{html}%
java.gif Java source code file %ICON{java}%
jpg.gif JPEG %ICON{jpg}%
js.gif JavaScript %ICON{js}%
mdb.gif Microsoft Access database File %ICON{mdb}%
mov.gif Quicktime movie %ICON{mov}%
mp3.gif MP3 %ICON{mp3}%
pdf.gif PDF %ICON{pdf}%
pl.gif Perl source code file %ICON{pl}%
png.gif PNG %ICON{png}%
ppt.gif PowerPoint %ICON{ppt}%
ps.gif Postscript %ICON{ps}%
py.gif Python source code file %ICON{py}%